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Manisha 'Magnificent' Koirala

This gorgeous Nepalese actress has the beauty and the brains rolled into one. She is quite sharp and frank. That lovely warm smile of hers is enough to light up anyones day. My all time favourite Manisha movies are Khamoshi (she was jut brilliant) as well as Agni Sakshi (she played her role very well in this one) The hero I like to see opposite Manisha is Salman Khan, that's another reason why I enjoyed Khamoshi!! They make such a lovely 'on-screen' couple! But the best thing about this actress is that she is a me!!

My Fav Manisha Songs

O yara dil lagana (Agni Sakshi)
Pyar hua Chupake se (1942 A love story)
Rhim Jhim (1942 A love story)
Bahon ke darmiyan (Khamoshi)
Aaj mein upar (Khamoshi)
Telephone dhun (Hindustani)
Maya (Hindustani)
Bandan kula (Yugpurush)
Danoh ki aankh (Lal Baadshah)